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So, this is my last post as the guest blogger of the fantastic platform of Creators of Desire. I just want to thank you all  for a fantastic month and for beeing sucha  lovely audience and hosts!
It has been a mere pleasure temaing up with you and I am looking forward to the other project and opportunites that migh come across with such a wonderful team.

To the fabulouse auidence I thank for all the attention and if you like the concept of my blog and my mind, you can keep follow me on http://aportablepackage.blogspot.com (or on bloglovin/facebook/pinterest).

My last post is the one from a while ago where I am wearing Acne skirt, Balenciaga heels, vintage sweater and jacket!

I thank you for my presance and wish you happy Holidays and the upcoming year!







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Cropp tops and high waisted pants have been on my minde since Paris as they picture the perfect transition pieces that can easily be worn throught the seasons. Check pants are equally cool with a white T or with a cropped sweater and the pictures above from Chloe have been on my wishlist for quite a while...
Dear Santa, this year I would love....



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So, I was working on a project for Costume Norway and one of the questions was what is in my purse. Now, I only use small crossbody / over the shoulder purses as this limits the amount of things I can stuff in it (this rule due to bad experience on while shooting and having an enormous bag+ camera=lots of unnecessary weight and heavy lifting).
I think all the women are the sae -the bigger the bag-the more stuff you come up that you can carry with you.
Anyway, here is my sartorial everyday purse content:
1.card holder from Smythson
2. Moleskin notebook and a calendar
3.My phone
4.keys to home and work
5.Sunnies (you will probably see me more often wearing sunnies than umbrella)usually Ray Ban or Illestava



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So, I am again in all black.
However, a key to all black outfit is layering the different textures, which kind of works more than well with the freezing temperatures we have had here.
I have layered a fine knit with intricate sleeves, with jeans and pleather OTK boots.The  thing about all of this is that I am not freezing and at -10C it can almost sound impossible.
ANYWAY, I am also channeling a trend that I am big fan -and as the title revels  it's all about ninja and orient for my part. Orient is such a vast place of inspiration, from something as delicate as silk and handweaved brocade to the hardness of samurai armor and ninja art.And lately all aspect of the eastern culture have been intertwining with the fashion world, creating a certain uniqueness.
I am more than eager see the trend evolve.


P.S. What is your favorite trend for the season?
I am wearing Alexander Wang black sweater, Diesel jeans, Stella Mccartney OTK boots, H&M Trend coat and beanie is from H&M men,the bag is Manual.



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Hi everyone!How has youe Saturday been so far??

I hae been reorganizing and snapping parts of my apartment for you to see. So, my place is as white as one can get it, white furniture, walls,white everything! The only thing that isn't white are interiror decorations and books.
And well, as with the most ppl, I wanted my place to reflect what I am about:

1.Fashion, design and style

2.Scented candels

3. Nude photography

4 .Food-I love cooking and baking

5.I love all things light and aery

6.Vogue-Paris,Italia, US and Uk

7.Lemon tree and basil (I love the scent of Sicily so these remind me of it)




So you can see my collection of Fashion books, biography's, sketch books, Vogue issues, shoes etc,etc nicely displayed around the house, to serve as inspiration and reminder that although fashion is on a fast track per now, inspiration and style is constant,